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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I Have Known Love

Silver Apples are a hipster wet-dream. A minimalist, experimental, psychedelic 60s duo from New York using primitive homemade synths and live krauty drumming. What could be hipper? They reformed in the 90s to rapturous acclaim. They have that pulse beat and atonality. Beards are stroked. Heads nodded. Trainers shuffle slightly. Sorry if I'm being a bit sniffy, unfairly, because some of their stuff is great, and some of it is very of it's time, clearly influential but not always a great listen to these ears. This song is, however, gold plated.

I Have Known Love

In other news my son IT goes into hospital today for an op to remove the plates from his knees that have been straightening his legs. It's supposed to be a day case, in-and-out job. Fingers crossed.


Dirk said...

Fingers crossed indeed for your little one, mate! And the 1930 - tune will be up soon for you on Sexyloser!

Anonymous said...

fingers crossed


drew said...

I'm sure he will be fine but I will be thinking of you all today.

Simon said...

Fingers firmly crossed. And toes.

dickvandyke said...

Strength all round.

Top lad. Ask if he can keep the plates.


Swiss Adam said...

Thanks chaps. He went to theatre at 4.15, came out at 5.30. An hour later he asked for his trainers and then got out of bed. With comedy bandages round both knees. 30 mins later we went home. He is close to unstoppable.