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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Pete Wylie's Imperfect List

'Adolf Hitler, the dentist, Terry and June...'

In 1990 this 12" came out on One Little Indian, a list of bad stuff, credited to Big Hard Excellent Fish.

'...fucking bastard Thatcher, Scouse impersonator, silly pathetic girlies, macho dickhead...'

It was shrouded in mystery, the chewy Scouse vocal incorrectly said by some to be actress Margi Clarke. It came with four versions, produced and remixed by Andrew Weatherall (Rimming Elvis The Andrew Weatherall Way read the sleeve).

'...lost keys, Stock Aitken and Waterman, smiling Judas, heartbreaking lying friend...'

The voice belonged to Wylie's then girlfriend Josie Jones and the track was written and recorded by an uncredited Pete Wylie along with Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie.

'...The Sun newspaper, acid rain, AIDS inventor, Leon Britton, weird British judges, the breakdown of the NHS, Heysel stadium, homelessness, John Lennon's murder, anyone's murder...'

In 2004 Morrissey used it to arrive on stage to.

'...tasteless A&R wanker, the Jimmy Swaggart Show, Clause 28, Nelson Mandela's imprisonment, miscarriage...'

This is the lead version, seven minutes forty five seconds long.

'...where were you?'

The Imperfect List (Version 1)


exilestreet said...

I've never even heard of this...

Echorich said...

One of Wylie's masterpieces! This is an amazing good bye to the 1980's and all there was to forget about it. I hope Pete Wylie NEVER simmers down.