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Monday, 26 March 2012

Down For You Is Up

A couple of weeks ago, partly on Drew's advice, a copy of the latest Kills single (on lovely 10" vinyl) dropped through my door. The ep has four songs, The Kills song The Last Goodbye and three covers. Their cover version of The Velvet Underground's Pale Blue Eyes is a stunner, Alison's vocal and the guitar sound especially. I thought about posting it but it's still available to buy and decided against it. Listen to it at youtube.

I went back to the Velvet's third album as a result, probably my favourite of theirs with it's smoky, after hours feeling and warm fuzz, nine out of the ten tracks being superb- including this one.

What Goes On


dickvandyke said...

Bon chance today SA.

Artog said...

This is probably my favourite Velvets' track. In fact one of my favourite tracks ever full stop. When Davy & Drew did their top ten thing I'm pretty sure I stuck this in my top ten.

drew said...

Probably Velvet Underground & Nico just edges it for me over this album. But it is brilliant.

Another VU single, this RSD, Sweet Jane/Rock 'n' Roll.

ally. said...

the live 69 version was a hacienda dancefloor hit hell a preston warehouse hit of my long long ago youth. exhausting even then those beautiful thrashy minutes