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Monday, 12 March 2012


There's too much Weatherall here. But it continues.

In 2004 Two Lone Swordsmen began to edge away from the purist electro-techno they'd pretty much perfected. This move would end up with the marvelous Wrong Meeting pair of albums in 2007, the last things they released. The Big Silver Shining Motor Of Sin record was a four track e.p., still plenty of machine funk and electro-dub but with vocals (from Weatherall) and a more song oriented slant. The two lead songs, Showbiz Shotguns and Feast, aren't the best things they did and were bettered later that year on the From The Double Gone Chapel lp but are still of interest to some of us.

Showbiz Shotguns


Dirk said...

"There's too much Weatherall here": Jeez, SA, you're even more resentful than my wife .. and THAT really is something!

Swiss Adam said...

Me? Not at all.