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Thursday, 15 March 2012


How do you fancy an example of the ancient art of the mash-up? Featuring PiL's debut single and Macy Gray? By Soundhog? It's a good 'un. There are more PiL mash-ups, John Lydon stuff and so forth at Fodderstompf.

Public Demons


Mondo said...

Nice work - big fan of Soundhog and his work. Did you check out his C90 mixes a few years back. Up there with the Votel standard of selectioneering.

On the subject of PiL - Have you grabbed the latest Vive Le Rock, with the Lydon cover? Dig about the reviews section and you'll find me reporting on The Damned at The Roundhouse

Swiss Adam said...

Yep, got it the other Mondo. Lydon and Johnny Marr drew me in.

davyh said...

Are you going to go and see Metal Box in dub? I am sorely tempted re. the London one.

Swiss Adam said...

It looks very tempting.

davyh said...

I reckon it'll be awesome. Levene and Wobble, legends.