Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Some dirty and funky dancefloor action for Saturday morning from the virtually ungoogleable Mugwump.

Ignored Folklore

I do miss being lost in a nightclub at one in the morning.


anto said...

nice one adam. very slinky

got tix for stone roses and new order to-day.

hope your little guy is OK.

George said...

JD McPherson: excellent stuff, nice one.

George said...

Although I had to YOUTUBE it because there was no mp3 uploaded

Swiss Adam said...

The JD McPherson mp3 should be there George- it's been downloaded by other folk.

drew said...

That's the business SA.

I miss the idea of being lost on a dance floor at 1 am. I know that if I were to be in the situation, these days I would be wishing that I was in the comfort of my own dinning room or bed.