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Saturday, 3 March 2012

When You Call Me

This post should provide some balance to this post. Paul Weller gets it wrong from time to time, heads off down the wrong roads- that's the common consensus. Popular theory also has it that he never got it wronger than during the 80s when he formed The Style Council with former Merton Parka Mick Talbot. I love several Style Council records, including this fine 1985 stab at synth-soul.

(When You) Call Me


Anonymous said...

i simply cannot agree


Dirk said...

The Style Council were a great band 75% of their time, one just shouldn't make the mistake and try to compare them to The Jam all the time .... and then everything is fine! Just returned from the blog that starts to decline where I had a look at the video: sure, yes, the song is utter crap in a sweet-as-honey style but his voice is still very hard to beat indeed!! Now, just imagine what he possibly could achieve with this voice these days if only he didn't want to re-invent the wheel with every bloody new release ... what a shame!