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Thursday, 30 August 2012

103rd Street Boys

Back to the Beats. William Burroughs led a colourful life, not one you'd choose for yourself maybe. Like Kerouac he was full of contradictions- loved by the counterculture for his drug use, novels and poetry he held some pretty extreme right wing views and was by some accounts capable of much nastiness. His writing, especially Junky and Naked Lunch, bled into music. Countless bands have taken names/inspiration from Naked Lunch, despite it being close to unreadable in parts. He shot his wife (accidentally, playing a William Tell game) and later said he'd never have become a writer without having done it. by the time he died he was held up as one of America's great literary geniuses. Compared to Kerouac or Ginsberg, I can take or leave much of his stuff to be honest.

103rd Street Boys


drew said...

To me The Naked Lunch was garbage, did enjoy Junkie but never explored any further not sure why, probably just couldn't be arsed.

Swiss Adam said...

Ditto re: Naked Lunch and Junky. I read the diaries thing that was published just after he died as well but can't remember much about it.