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Friday, 17 August 2012

Vendredi Soir Est La Nuit Rockabilly

The other band I saw at the campsite were the Ducky Jim Rockabilly Trio, a French rockabilly outfit from Quimper. Pretty good to be honest in the context of playing an hour long set on a basketball court on a campsite. They got the British, Irish and Dutch campers up dancing, even if it was a bit odd to travel to Bretagne to see live rockabilly.

Just so you get a download here's Rocky Bill Ford in 1956.

Mad Dog In Town


davyh said...

Is that you and the Mrs? Nice caravan.

Swiss Adam said...

It is a nice caravan, but it isn't the missus and myself.

Swiss Adam said...

it's what happens when you google image search using the words 'rockabilly' and 'caravan'

davyh said...

Fair enough

dickvandyke said...

Zut, alors!

Welcome home. I've missed you.
(Unlike the cat)

George said...

Great photo. Would have been even better with a folding camper (Google that, you'll be tremendously impressed). will be investigating the Ducky Jim Trio.