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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Now that was a long drive.

We got back late last night, having left Quimperle just before midday the day before. What day was that? Monday? Predictably the only bad traffic was in Dover and on the M1. Anyway, we had a great time, lovely weather, wish you'd been there.

This song has been bubbling in my head from when we got the ferry to Calais two weeks ago Norman Cook's proto mash-up from 1990, splicing Paul Simonon's bassline with The SOS Band.

Dub Be Good To Me


davyh said...

Welcome home! Glad all was chouette.

Anonymous said...

welcome back. hope we didn't make too much of a mess in your absence.

Swiss Adam said...

The cat made more mess than you lot. Very tidy house sitters. House now a tip due to car being emptied into it. Washing everywhere.

drew said...

Welcome home. Lots of wine purchased?

Swiss Adam said...

Plus de vino.

dickvandyke said...

Nice one kiddo.

Destroyed the evidence. House in one piece. French polisher, glazier, and RSPCA been and gone.

Watered yer aspidistra - she's a beaut.

Sorry about the custard. Least I think it was custard. You know what drew's like when he's back 'on it' and havin one of his wee rants..

acidted did a grand job with the marigolds and Stardrops; whilst davy swanned around like Noel Coward in a smoking jacket - fashioned from one of Mrs Swiss's lilac candlewick dressing gowns. His ivory cigarette holder wobbled from the side of his rouged lips as he waltzed with your cat.

Thankfully Adam, I was there to lend a little level-headed pragmatism & normality when The old Bill came round asking to see the proprieter.
Indeed, had that local 'bike' from no 64 - Persephonie Wagstaffe - not apeased PC Savage with a few helmet strokes and a glass of your Armagnac, well who knows the hot water you'da found yourself in on your return?

Swiss Adam said...

DVD- your last 2 extended comments have had me laughing out loud. You should be anthologised or something.