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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Shepherd Rod

I've neglected the reggae and dub side of things recently so here's some Lee Perry for Saturday morning, from the outstanding Voodooism compilation that came out in the mid 90s, an album with twenty first class tracks. There's a Lee Perry-Orb album out at the moment which didn't get a great review (at least the one I read). Has anyone heard it?

Shepherd Rod

The English football season starts in earnest today with the kick-off of the 'greatest league in the world'. I've never felt so underwhelmed by the start of a season and United's recent signing of Robin Van Persie made me do nothing other than shrug. Maybe that'll change when we play Everton on Monday night but I've really enjoyed not having any Premier League football for the last couple of months.


drew said...

The Orb/Lee Perry collaboration is out next month SA. It did get a crap write-up in Q but I have also read quite a few favourable reviews.

Here's a sampler, granted it's a Youth remix but I'm looking forward to the album as the last two have been very good.


You need to get yourself along to some proper football where there are no multi-million pound players. Going to Livingston today to see if we can do better than the 3 nil humping we got mid-week in the cup.

Swiss Adam said...

Think the review I read was in Mojo. Will give the sample a listen. Maybe I'll start going down Chester Rd the other way and start watching Altrincham (Conference North).

dickvandyke said...

Even Fantasy Football has left me oozing apathy...

As I said, Brian ... captain Dempsey's only gone and got 'a monk on' and taken his ball home.

Ferdinand's just forked out for the most expensive choc ice in history. (Good job he didn't use the 'b**ck' word).

Talented turncoat Van Persie's now living his boyhood dream and earning £200,000 per week. Sorry, I meant playing for Man Utd.

Song's going for one.

Muamba has ahem, pulled the plug on his playing career.

Saha - 'R.A. He's deserted.

I'd Hazard a guess at Gerrards Cross to Crouch End.

All is not lost. Fortunately, I have Jess Ennis playing in the hole; with Beth Tweddle and Dolphin Girl at the back scaring the opposition.

In other news .. there's gonna be a steamy Pussy Riot at the Ecuadorian Embassy, and you're not allowed to give permission for someone to top you if you're unable to do it yourself - like a Moors Murderer.