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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Surf Sunday

Regular Friday night rockabilly enthusiast and reader George asked about some surf music. I'm not sure I've got a huge amount and some of what I have got I've already shoehorned into the rockabilly series (Chantays' Pipeline cropped up in May). George also referred to Dick Dale and his epic surf instrumental Miserlou (best known to many as the theme from Pulp Fiction). So, as a starter in what may be a somewhat short series of Surf Sunday posts, here's Dick Dale and his Deltones with another string bending surf song.

Let's go Trippin'


George said...

Is it pushing it to ask for Twangy Tuesday?

George said...

This looks like a great source for you...look at what he's got for sale.

Swiss Adam said...

Yeah George I think twangy Tuesday is too much at the moment