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Friday, 31 August 2012


Battersea Power station in 1936. The other two chimneys were added later.

Battersea Bunches was a short film put out by The Orb in 2010. A soundtrack, C Batter C, was released in November last year. The title track is seventeen minutes of ambient and foundsounds, melancholic, some disturbing strings being plucked, fragments of pub piano, disembodied voices describing lives past. Around the ten minute mark things pick up a bit with some steam powered percussion but it's all still very ghostly, and then it fades again for several minutes of ending, factory noises, a train, more voices and a BBC announcer. Worth sticking with. The rest of the album featured a bunch of remixes (David Harrow, Being, Thomas Fehlman amongst others), all much shorter, some very good.

Battersea Bunches (Original Soundtrack)


drew said...

New album - Lee Scratch Perry, bonkers. Brilliant

Anonymous said...

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