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Friday, 24 August 2012


No-one seems to split blogger/reader opinion quite like Paul Weller, and even some of the diehards are now suggesting the haircut should probably go for a man of his age. This year's album (Sonik Kicks) had a cracking lead off single (That Dangerous Age), some krautrock influences, a dub duet with his latest missus, and various other things he wouldn't necessarily have tried in the mid 90s. This song, Starlite, came out this time last year, a stand alone 12". Listening to Sonik Kicks it's difficult to see where it would have fitted. Musically it harks back to The Style Council. The voice may not be quite up to the tune, but it's got a late summery feel that feels right.


In the picture he's wearing the white version of his Fred Perry limited edition, signature range. I got the black with grey piping one cheap in an outlet a good while back. Mine's numbered 948/1000, and as Arthog noted re: the Bradley Wiggins Fred Perry range, black Fred Perry's always fade. But white ones will stain. What you lose on the swings, you lose on the roundabouts.


anto said...

as for the collars after ironing. noted how expensive they've become?

Swiss Adam said...

Shot up in price. Collars always look old quickly dont they

Echorich said...

I have two, one white and one black which two diff UK friend - very good friends purchased for me. Yes collars are typically aged, but I've found by not putting it in the dryer, the black hasn't lost much depth.
As for Starlite - it's my favorite Weller track for more than a decade!

bossman said...

Great tune that...my black Fred Perry is holding up quite nicely given that it's 7 years old now. I had a great cream one that got stretched in the wash once and was unwearable...that pissed me off no end.