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Monday, 20 August 2012

Just Give 'Em Whiskey

I dug out a Colourbox album the other day while tackling a mound of ironing that Hercules would have balked at. I managed to burn myself only twice as well (left forearm and right thumb), which for a cack-handed, left-hander isn't bad. The album was the two disc vinyl version with the second mixed disc of offcuts and versions, including the monumental Arena II which I've put up here before. Some of their stuff sounds a little dated but there's a load of goodness in it. There's a boxed set out (released back in May also called Colourbox like the albums were, just to make it all a little confusing). This song is a killer, driving bass and guitars and BAD style samples littered throughout. Tip top, ahead of the curve stuff. They went on to make Pump Up The Volume and you can hear why in this song.

Just Give 'Em Whiskey

We are off to a campsite near Tewkesbury for two nights, being time rich/cash poor in August, camping with Mrs Swiss's best friend P and her family. Weather forecast looks reasonable. Back on Wednesday.


Jake Sniper said...

i'm a sinister(thank you romans for that one, good job latin isn't as popular as it was)left handed northerner as well, although residing in Glasgow. There used to be an hilarious little left handed shop down in Partick, always put a smile on my face when i went past never went in though .Thanks for putting colourbox back in my mind & i've always enjoyed a good BAD style sample. Medicine Show is a favourite of mine. Hope the weather is good for the camping

dickvandyke said...

I'm a leftie and, help ma boab, it gets me into all sorts of scrapes. Literally when it comes to sharp implements. Could've lost an arm in a pesky potato peeler incident once.

Tewkesbury sounds a bit s'westerly? If so,
Stay off any lethal scrumpy. Pukes in Tewkes. Believe me, Shakin' like a shittin whippet in the corner of a damp tent at 0430 hrs is a near death experience.