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Monday, 24 December 2012

Advent Post Number Seven

Carole Lombard and friends are here to help you with that door on that calendar when they've finished decorating their tree. Got any last minute shopping to do? Not me, all done. Oh yes. But there's always something else you've got to nip out for isn't there?

My copy of this Jackie Edwards 7" gets played every Christmas- it's more than a bit worn, full of crackles and scratchy. Love those reggae string stabs.


Walter said...

Yes it is Swiss Adam - and that is one reaseon we took a travel in a foreign country to stay away of this.

Love, peace and all the best to youu and your family. Ma you post for a long time.

Enjoy time and stay heaalthy

George said...

Merry Christmas Adam, and thanks for the tracks. 50% of the household are hoping Friday Rockabilly continues, and that Sunday Surfing and Tuesday Twangy records make the occasional appearance.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks chaps.

I've just found a few surf songs for some forthcoming Sundays- rockabilly will continue til I run out of songs I guess.

davyh said...

All the very best to you & yours SA and thanks for all the tuneage x

Echorich said...

All the best for the Holidays to you and your's!! Here's to 2013!!