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Monday, 10 December 2012

There's Definitely, Definitely No Logic

I rescued this 12" from a charity shop recently, despite already having the A-side on that Bjork White labels For People Who Don't Buy White Labels mini-album. It's a bit crackly but the dub on the B side is good. So I thought we'd start the week with twelve minutes of Underworld remixing Bjork's Human Behaviour- thumping drums from the off, which double up and really kick in at around 1.12, vocals come in later (4.40ish), a big breakdown at around 7 minutes and lovely piano ending. Long but not too long.

The picture is of Man Ray's model and muse Nusch Eluard who fought in the French Resistance and died of a stroke shortly after the Second World War.

Human Behaviour (Underworld Remix)

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Jase said...

Underworld and Bjork. What's not to like?

Underworld lost it when Darren Emerson left really, didn't they?