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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lying, Cheating

I'm not really a fan of Led Zeppelin. For years I avoided them like the plague. Some time in the mid 90s I realised I could tolerate, even enjoy, some of the first album (Communication Breakdown, Your Time Is Gonna Come, Good Times Bad Times especially), a bit of the second, the folkier parts of the third. And Kashmir. Goes without saying that. In fact even some of the ridiculous rock stuff like Immigrant Song and Rock And Roll. But I can probably get by with a forty minute compilation.

Sandie Shaw covered Your Time Is Gonna Come. It's not as out-there as her cover of Sympathy For the Devil off the same album and it's not necessarily the sort of song you'd associate with her. Which is maybe why she did it.

Your Time Is Gonna Come


Tedloaf said...
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Tedloaf said...

I was driving past Macclesfield today and spied a black Range Rover. It weren't Johnny Squire nicking another riff. Altogether now.....Our love girl, is going through changes I dont know if I'm alive, dead, dying or just a little jaded. I need it bad.

Swiss Adam said...

His studio burned last week didn't it.

Echorich said...

Thanks for this one! Sandi Shaw is one of those treasures you never tire of because she so seldom repeated herself.
As for Zeppelin, they just got the highest artistic honor bestowed by the US the other night. For me they are everything that I wanted to destroy as a late teen punk from NYC who had grown up on Bowie Roxy and The Dolls instead of Beatles, Stones and Led Zep.
As a music major at university I learned to view music I didn't enjoy for the value it has. For this I'll give you Over The Hills and Far Away, The Crunge and Kashmir. But they will always represent the music I rebelled against.