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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dirty Epic

Underworld doing to themselves what they did to Bjork in yesterday's post- an eleven minute version of Dirty Epic which was released as part of various single/ep packages in 1994. You can't have too much of this kind of thing really. It's funny how in the early and mid 90s all the acid house people who were inspired initially by the short, sharp shock of punk ended up making that went on for ten minutes plus. I guess it was the DIY aspect of punk and the general asthetic that inspired as much as three minute, three chord blasts. And the drugs.

Dirty Epic (Dirty Mix)

Meanwhile Nusch and Paul Eluard look on from a Paris sidestreet.


George said...

completely off topic, but just listening to ACE records sampler vol 2 Doo wop and Rock and roll. Terrific. £5.07 direct from ACE. 100% of the living room enjoying it.

Swiss Adam said...

Sounds good George. Will add it to my ever lengthening list. 100% approval rating is not to be ignored.

drew said...

Love this tune