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Friday, 7 December 2012

The Return Of Friday Night is Rockabilly Night 85

The return of Link Wray to Friday night. Link returned from the Korean War minus one lung and so let his guitar do his vocals for him. A man who knew how to dress- the clothes (and hair for that matter) were not wearing him. It's Friday night, its cold, the central heating's on the blink again- we may have to drink and dance to keep warm. You're all invited.



George said...

No central heating? Could be worse...there could've been no Friday Rockabilly. Didn't Thee (The?) Milkshakes cover this? Have an OVD and lemonade

dickvandyke said...

Fine work all round SA.
Hot water bockle - as they say in your parts.

Swiss Adam said...

Its come back on. We have heat.

davyh said...

We have recorded grooviness also, ta!

Walter said...

Sounds great! Mr. Wray is allways a good decision to listen when you allow yourself a drink. I prefer a good single malt, but I'll look our for a OVD

Jase said...

Link Wray. What can I say. The man is a god. Like all revolutionary and influential artists, his best stuff is so good you can forgive him for every piece of crap he recorded (and there is a fair smattering, especially late on).

He makes me want to not play the guitar because I could never make it sound the way he does.