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Friday, 21 December 2012

Fifteen Hundred

A multiple celebration post today.

I finish work for Christmas today. Two weeks off. Thank the Lord for that.

This is my fifteen hundredth post. The 2903 comments from you lot are a large part of what makes it all worth while. Otherwise it really is just me pissing into the internet wind.

And this song turned up in the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year on Sunday night (deservedly won by Bradley Wiggins, though I'd like to have seen David Weir make the top three). Someone at the Beeb is clearly a soulie- The MVPs super-upbeat Turnin' My Heartbeat Up. I'm no expert when it comes to northern soul but I like to dabble.

Turnin' My Heartbeat Up


Simon said...

I love this tune, think it's one of my top ten Northern tracks. My missus didn't understand my excitement when I heard the intro pop up in the cycling clip.

Dirk said...

Congrats to your 1500 mate and a happy Christmas: will listen to the tune when I get outta the bloody office to start me own holidays later today! No pub though for me ... instead I'm afraid I'll have to drag the Christmas tree my wife chose home ... only to find out - again - that a tree which is three metres high simply doesn't cope with a ceiling height of two metres fifty. Usual argueing about own manual dexterity and the lack thereof/wife's unability in height estimation to follow ... ah, ain't Christmas grand?!

dickvandyke said...

1500 is quite summat. As young Mr Grace would say, 'You've all done very well'.

Swiss Adam said...

Just chop the top off the fucker Dirk.