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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Chilled Mid Winter

Two hours of quality slow-mo chilled Mid Winter tunes from Hardway Bros here, worth losing a post-Christmas afternoon to, now you've got all the festive family commitments stuff out of the way.

Stuff bought for the kids, for example a cheapish NATPC tablet for the daughter, is now at the 'why doesn't this work anymore?' stage, leading to me pouring over poorly worded instruction manuals and looking for receipts.


drew said...

Max shattered L's Ipad screen yesterday. Noot a lot of cheer going on then

Swiss Adam said...

Eventually found some advice on an online comment thread which suggested re-setting it by holding the On/Off button and the volume up button down together for 10 seconds. Which did work. But that took the best part of an hour.

davyh said...

I do not know what is a NATPC tablet but if one of my daughters bust my iPad screen THERE WOULD BE HELL TO PAY. Loving this mix SA, thank you, and Merry Post-Christmas all.

Swiss Adam said...

Its a cheap version. Its working again. Glad you like the mix.