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Monday, 17 December 2012

NO Top Ten

In response the the comment fest at Davy's place last Friday night, and because Christmas is a time for lists, here's the Bagging Area New Order Top Ten.

1. Ceremony
2. Everything's Gone Green
3. Temptation
4. Leave Me Alone
5. Age Of Consent
6. Your Silent Face
7. Thieves Like Us
8. Love Vigilantes
9. Bizarre Love Triangle
10. Run
11. Regret

Which still leaves me one over and no place for True Faith. I really like Dreams Never End as well. And Face Up off Low Life. And Every Little Counts. Lonesome Tonight. And I've missed Blue chuffing Monday.

This is why I don't like making lists.

Thieves Like Us (Instrumental edit)


mike said...

70% agreement
i would change the last 4 to
8. truth (peel session)
9. crystal
10. confusion
11. regret (sabres slow'n'low mix)

low life and brotherhood are great as albums, and it's near impossible to extract a song for me

Echorich said...

Got to agree, an NO top 10 only scratches the surface for me and my first 10 would likely cause some controversy as it would include Sub-Culture and Sunrise.
But I think it would be a top 20 to even get it close to right.

Dirk said...

It simply is an impossible task. The same would be true for The Clash, by the way.

Swiss Adam said...

Mike-We were ignoring remixes, just focussing on the songs. Because otherwise that Sabres remix would be right in there.

Dirk- right on both counts.

Echorich- right again. I could put most of both PCL and Lowlife, and half of Technique into a top ten but then there'd be no room for singles.

Mr A.N. said...

...er perfect kiss surely?

Swiss Adam said...

You see how hard it is!

And don't call me Shirley