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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ten Years Gone

Joe Strummer
21st August 1952-22nd December 2002

Ten years ago today.

I was out shopping in town and got a text from Mrs Swiss and it stopped me in my tracks. Back at home it was all over BBC News 24, which we'd only just got because they'd only recently cabled our street. Putting things into perspective, it seems a little bit daft to be affected by the death of a famous person, especially when you've dealt with real life stuff that is life-and-death serious. But there you go- we feel what we feel don't we?

15th Brigade


drew said...

There was a rather good play on Radio4 during the week about what might have happened in Paris when Strummer went missing in 1982

Simon said...

I can't believe it's ten years. I'd just split with a girlfriend two days before and was heading off to my mum's for Christmas when I heard the news. I do believe I cried. And then that night at my mum's where I was set up in the spare room on a fold out bed I popped London Calling into my cd walkman and drank rather a lot of JD. Not the best start to Christmas!

Echorich said...

Great photo choice...Strummer at his essence. He touched a lot of people with his music that are now in their 40's and 50's and basically running and paying for the world we live in.