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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Booglaoo Dudes

I watched the Mott The Hoople documentary on BBC4 the other night, a band who I know not very much about. I enjoyed it- the name of Mott has always been about and I'm familiar with Ian Hunter and some of their better known songs, and the names of various members- Overand Watts and Ariel Bender being the two that stand out- and they seemed like a decent bunch. But I couldn't help thinking that if all their songs had been as good as the one Bowie wrote and gave them, it wouldn't all have been such a struggle for them.

All The Young Dudes


George said...

Yes it was very interesting. Early Mott is very hit and miss, but their singles post ATYD are a great listen.I'm sure you can pick up a hits compilation for a few pence. worth it. Just watching The Doors LA Woman thing on i-player. Not terribly impressed with the music. Again.

dickvandyke said...

I enjoyed the programme too. Not often I can say 'I was just a bit too young to appreciate them at the time'. Surprising how little film footage of them there was around.

Am off to see Ian Hunter soon in Leeds. His book 'Diary Of A Rock n Roll Star' was way ahead of its time Adam - and is well worth a look. It reflects Mott's US tour in '72 and is a refreshing, funny and sad account of the realities behind the glam façade of the 'rock'n'roll lifestyle' - experienced with a frankly odd & disparate bunch of blokes.
It became the benchmark for a thousand music biogs that followed. If you haven't read it, let me know and I'll sort you out a copy.