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Wednesday 13 March 2013

The Girl With The Sun In Her Head

I stumbled into this Orbital song recently and it sounded sublime. Real stop whatever it is you're doing and have ten minutes off stuff.

The Girl With The Sun In Her Head

Totally unrelated picture- Alexander Calder, wire sculptor and 'pioneer of mobiles' (hanging wire sculptures rather than early mobile phones), snapped by Man Ray in Paris in 1931.


Anonymous said...

great record. from my favourite of the orbital albums. was also the verion on the sally harding charity album. can never remember if they're different

Simon said...

One of my all time favourite pieces of music, I will never forget hearing it for the first time. Wasn't connected with anything amazing but it was an amazing moment all of it's own. Beautiful tune, love the way it's layered and orchestrated.

I don't think the version on the charity album was different, perhaps in the production. There was a Radio 1 session version too at the time, and that wasn't different in anything but the production. Joys (or not) of synths and sequencers I guess.

I love the wibbly bendy synths. Reviews at the time reckoned it was probably the first Brian May does a bleep solo ever.