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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Heliocentric Request

I've had a request for the Two Lone Swordsmen remix of Paul Weller's Heliocentric, a record released back in 2000 but only as a limited white label- which makes it a bit of a rarity. I don't think it's ever had any kind of official release. Apparently Weller didn't like it- although given the influences on and nature of his recent albums he should probably have another listen and reconsider. This is Weller put through the krautrock wringer by Weatherall and Tenniswood; driving drums and bass, doomy, odd noises, veers into Killing Joke territory. I love it. Play loud.

Heliocentric (Swordsmen 4UR Mix)

1 comment:

Echorich said...

The opening has a sort of Motorik meets 60's shimmy to it...very groovy! The underlying evil guitar arpeggiating (sic) is trippily fantastic!
I have this picture of Peter Sellars in a polyester suit dancing around a group of bikini clad girls with lava lamp light filling the room! Probably not what Paul had in mind....