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Monday 4 March 2013

Foggy Mountain Top

There's something about The Carter Family which is really, really old- voices sounding almost as old as the Appalachian Mountains, plucked guitar or banjo and occasional yodelling. This music is so far removed from anything made in 2013 as to be almost a different art form.

Foggy Mountain Top


George said...

Top quality track. There's something really appealing about the absolute sincerity in the Carter Family. What about some Louvin Brothers?

Artog said...

On a similar kick I've got a half written post about Karen Dalton's version of Katie Cruel (from 1966rather than the slightly more polished version elsewhere). Words failed me in the end, but it just sounds like it's from a different world.

Swiss Adam said...

Post it Arthog.

Been looking for some Louvin Brothers but havent found any yet.