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Saturday 16 March 2013

I've Always Thought Of You As My Brick Wall

Mrs Swiss and I are off to see Johnny Marr at the Ritz this coming Friday- according to reviews of the gigs so far he's playing several Smiths songs (including Bigmouth, Stop Me, How Soon Is Now? and London) and a handful of Electronic ones- Forbidden City, Getting Away With It and the always ace Get The Message.

Here's Johnny, Bernard and four blokes from the Gay Traitor doing Get The Message on Top Of The Pops in April 1991 (if you pause it just before the end of the clip you'll avoid Nicky Campbell).

Here's the DNA remix version for some TV show...


Anonymous said...

that's acr's donald johnson (drums) and andy robinson (now new order's manager) on keys in the first clip

Swiss Adam said...

I knew it was Donald Johnson, wasn't sure about others.