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Monday, 11 March 2013


Vini Reilly has had a rough time recently with health issues and major financial problems. One of his Durutti Column masterpieces LC is currently being re-released with twenty odd extra songs. LC is an lp I already own twice, once on vinyl and once in a 90s re-release version on cd. I don't think I'll buy it for a third time but if anyone from the Manchester scene deserves some cash to go with the talent it's Vini, so maybe we should put our hands in our pockets. This song was written for the missing boy, Ian Curtis. New Order, ACR, Durutti Column and Tony Wilson were all around a pool somewhere in the US in the early 80s and Vini said to Tony 'You know who's missing don't you?' As well as Vini's beautiful guitar this song features some very fragile Vini Reilly vocals..

The Missing Boy

LC stands for Lotta Continua- the struggle goes on.


davyh said...

Yes, 23 bonus tracks according to Q, which I think will do it for me.

Guessing from your refs to his rough times you saw this?

davyh said...

Sorry - this.

Swiss Adam said...

Yup. Poor Vini's had it bad.

Walter said...

Yes - Vini at his best

Martyn said...

That is a fantastic, haunting song