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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I did a mix for a new website called Cooking Up A Quiet Storm. There are a whole bunch of top notch mixes there, some by people familiar to these pages and the blogs over on the right hand side of your computer screen. If you like mine, or anyone else's, there are two things you could do- leave a comment there, and maybe also volunteer to do a mix yourself. I'm sure Mark would appreciate it.

My mix looks like this...

My Bloody Valentine - Don't Ask Why/Warpaint - Love Is To Die/Public Service Broadcasting - Everest/Big Audio Dynamite - V Thirteen/Toy - Dead and Gone (Andrew Weatherall Remix)/Brian Eno - Another Green World (The Blue Realm mix)/The Orb v Lisa Stansfield - Time To Make You Mine/The Asphodells - Beglammered/Kolsh- Der Alte/Glass Candy - Warm In The Winter


drew said...

Is it a proper mixed mix? Or a compilation.

Simon said...

I'm on there too. They're playlists really, but a bit more nicely joined together than that suggests. Unless of course Adam, you did your own and put some proper mixing in.

Nice bit of fun.

Swiss Adam said...

Simon answered for me. If you'd ever heard me dj you'd know my mixing skills are rudimentary