Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Thursday, 27 March 2014


What's Bagging Area in French? L'area de bagging? Nope, zone d'ensachage apparently.
O level French, 1986, grade E. I do try with the language when we cross the Channel in the summer but I suspect I'll never pass as a Frenchman once I open my mouth.

The French theme continues with Francoise Hardy, Mrs Jacques Dutronc and all round good oeuf. Which reminds me... why does a Frenchman only eat one egg for breakfast?

Because un oeuf is un oeuf.
Merci beaucoup.

Francois Hardy was courted by both Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan, both of whom she towered over. This was a 1967 hit. J'adore.



Dirk said...

Sorry, SA, but this egg-joke must have been the worst joke I've heard in years ... Francoise is cute though!

Simon said...

My dad, whose first language is French used to call Donna Summer's Enough Is Enough the Egg Song. He loves to crack a bad yolk.

george said...

I suspect of that song was in English it would be a bit crap. But this is great. We want more. Well, the cats are not reacting at all, but I want more.

Miguelito Lovelace said...

You might say "comptoir d'enregistrement des bagages" it would be more close to the "real" french
"ensachage" is when you put stuff in a bag, when you've paid for the food yo've been bying in a grocery

Swiss Adam said...

Merci Miguelito.