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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Weatherall Down Under

There's a new (well, from the end of January actually) Andrew Weatherall show for your enjoyment at Mixcloud. The Mixcloud page has a bewildering array of embed options but seemingly none that will embed it into blogger. Or I'm an idiot, which is possible. Recorded for Australian outfit 2SER's Static show it's got two hours of left field goodness and chat, plus two new songs by the man himself which may be coming out as part of  a new Weatherall album and/or on his vinyl only Bird Scarer label. The first, The Lies We Tell In The Daylight (About The Things We Do In The Dark), has a dirty fuzz bass, reverb-heavy male/female vocals and a bluesy Gun Club vibe. The second, If I Stand Up (The World Will Spin Away) is post punk bass and vox with a solitary, lost and wandering trumpet. In between there are, amongst others, The Liminanas, The Honeycombs, Anthony Newley, Big Carrot, Cedric Congo and Mad Professor, Girls Names and Ian McCulloch.

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