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Friday, 14 March 2014

Teardrop Avenue

I seem to have been writing shorter and shorter blogposts recently- I just don't have much time to write at length or the headspace to think, get inspiration or get the input I need. And no input, no output, right?

I don't post much soul either. There are people who do a far better and more knowledgeable job of soul than I can. This played on the way home from work last night and sounded perfect- I'm pretty sure it came from Drew originally and I hope he won't mind me re-presenting it here. Bette Boothe from 1964. Vinyl copies around the £40 mark. You'll love it.

Teardrop Avenue


ally. said...

a true wonder. ta to the both of you

drew said...

I've got any extra copy. fifteen quid to you Sa.

Swiss Adam said...

How have you ended up with 2 copies?

drew said...

I found one on discogs for fifteen quid and thought that it was too much of a bargain to let go, so purchased it. I am sad to say that this is not the only time I have done this sort df thing, got a few doublers in the house and 3 copies of the Fall Peel Sessions bought two when HMV/Fopp insanely sold them off for ten or fifteen quid.