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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Radio On

Andrew Weatherall was back for another outing at BBC 6 Mix last night with the usual two hour journey through time, space and sound. It's on the iPlayer and someone has uploaded to Soundcloud (with d/l).

The tracklist includes the second song from that double A side with Friendly Fires, a song he's produced from the forthcoming Pete Molinari album, and a sackful of records by people I've never heard of until now- Grumbling Fur, 6:6, Afet Serenay, Secret Boyfriend, Mano Le Tough, Jex Opolis, Tristesse Contemporaine and an Asphodells remix for She Said. Start your googling engines now.

Number two child is at a sleepover tonight. Number one tends to go to bed earlyish and without his hearing aid and cochlear implant in isn't woken by noise. A virtually childfree Saturday night with the stereo turned up awaits.

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Luca said...

In the wise words of a poet.. pump up the volume!