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Monday, 3 March 2014


Poor old Ronnie Lane- fell out with Steve Marriott and lost The Small Faces, lost out to Rod Stewart in The Faces (who he felt ran off with his band), spent all his money on an ill fated circus-style tour of the UK in the 70s, fell ill to MS, died too young. And yet he remains one of those true figures in British music, underappreciated and little known, with a few classic songs to his names (The Poacher is perfection). This is one of those solo songs, with fiddles and acoustic guitars, down-at-home gypsy style.


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Anonymous said...

Aha! The Faces did a version first on the Long Player quite a few years before Ronnie's quite different solo version. Only a bit of Rod the Knob in the background so I like it loads. Mac gives it loads of New Orleans via Richmond, London.