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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Molly's Lips

It would be easy to be dismissive of The Vaselines and their shambolic, out of tune songs with tuppence-ha'penny production. But the song has got bags of charm and stays just the right side of twee.

Molly's Lips


Scott said...

Always had a soft spot for the Vaselines. I quite like the fact that they are a bit shambolic,it almost seems to be a badge of honour amongst some fine Glasgow bands.

drew said...

I saw a band last night that were very much in the vein of The Vaselines I realised that I am a lot less likely to see the merits in a shambles these days than I once was, especially on a school night! I didn't even bother to find out their name.

I think that you would like Casual Sex, SA, the main band of the evening all spikey angular guitars and smart arsed imagery but too early 80s post punk for me.

Swiss Adam said...

I heard something by Casual Sex that I liked recently. Shambolic is good but I find it has to be in small doses. I put on a Rough Trade indie pop comp the other day and 5 or 6 songs in it became a bit much.