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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Psyche Rock

More from France.

Picture: Renee Perle in 1930, actress, model, muse and kiss-curl pioneer.

Music: composer Pierre Henry wrote Psyche Rock in 1967, a riot of synths, fuzzy guitars and the old 1-4-5 chord progression.

Psyche Rock


george said...

This is not bad. Is this from a compilation of French music you have?

Swiss Adam said...

A Tour de France themed comp I was given at a Rapha pop up shop in town a few weeks back.

george said...

What's a Rapha pop up shop?

Artog said...

I discovered this about four weeks ago and was just working up the energy to post it! Foiled again. I've got it on a compilation called Psychedelic Jazz, which is excellent.

C said...

Je l'adore. I also love the Renee Perle look...something about those '30s models.

Swiss Adam said...

Rapha make cycling gear. They had a shop in an empty unit for 2 days. It popped up