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Friday, 7 March 2014

Sergeant Will

From million selling teenagers yesterday to obscure side projects from middle aged post-punk guitarists today- Bagging Area has been on very random shuffle over the last couple of weeks. Is this good or bad?

 Will Sergeant has had several solo projects over the last three decades, in between Bunnymen activities and occasionally needing some space from Ian McCulloch perhaps. This was a  fairly rare and unknown 12" from 2000 called Theme For GRIND. Will had a Grind album in 1982 which I've never heard but assume it's related. On the 12" Will was remixed by Weatherall and Tenniswood as two Lone Swordsmen. As with many TLS remixes from this time it's long, stoned-ish and abstract, minimal and machanical.

Theme For GRIND No. 2 (Reground by Two Lone Swordsmen)

Echo and the Bunnymen are playing The Ritz soon. Quite tempted.


Anonymous said...

Swiss Adam, Just wanted to let you know that clicking on your name (via comments you leave on other blogs) doesn't bring you here because you made the same typo that I often make myself:



Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Marie. Will sort that out.