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Friday, 21 March 2014

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 141

Ronnie Ray recorded Mean Mama Blues in 1960, just a bit too late really. It's a tale of a man whose woman has gone, walked out in the middle of the night, left a letter he can't read due to the tears in his eyes, his friends warned him and he didn't listen. Heck, she didn't even close the door.

It's been a long and somewhat hectic week and I shall be requiring a drink or two. You're welcome to join me.

Mean Mama Blues


Luca said...

Long week for me too. Five more hours at work tomorrow morning. Waking up at six. I'll just have a glass of Roero Arneis to ease me to sleep. Have a nice weekend.

george said...

Excellent song, great tale, and well worth a Sagres Preta (which costs all of 85 cents round here!)

Swiss Adam said...

Bagging Area international! Crossing boundaries around the EU. Cheers chaps.

charity chic said...

There is no boundary to my neck of the woods .... yet!
On Birds & Bees -excellent ale from Williams Brothers in Alloa - cheap as chips in Aldi