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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Holiday On The Moon

Today's song is from the three members of Bauhaus who weren't Pete Murphy, the shiny mid 80s post-goth band Love And Rockets. Daniel J sings about wanting a holiday on the moon on this 1986 b-side but complains about not being able to get a suntan there. Like getting a suntan was ever top of the list of holiday priorities for a goth rockstar. While he does this, and sings about meeting the president too with some cracking call-and-response backing vocals, the band set up a slow, primitive groove with some squally feedback guitars going into the stratosphere at the end. Good stuff.

Holiday On The Moon

This post was edited to correct factual goth rock errors and to reflect my own idiocy.


charity chic said...

I have come to the conclusion SA that you are, in fact, the urban Spaceman

mike said...

love and rockets was the post-bauhaus band with 3 original members but without pete murphy.
the singer here is david j.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Schoolboy error.
Will correct later.

Swiss Adam

Erik Bartlam said...

Aw...leave it up there. We all do it...get something in our mind and just run with it.
Doesn't make the song or the band any less great. Though, despite this clip I now have no new tales to tell stuck in my head.