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Monday, 10 November 2014

She Lives In This House Over There

The Sugarcubes single Birthday was a record so unlike any other that it assured them some kind of instant hit status almost as soon as John Peel had taken it out of it's sleeve. The album that followed- Life's Too Good- was a massive indie hit. I saw them play live at some point, I think around '89-' 90 (by which point they were promoting their second album, which wasn't nearly as good). They were a good live band, Bjork doing her skippitty-boppity thing and co-vocalist Einar entertaining and annoying everyone.

Birthday got remixed by various people on an eight track e.p. Justin Robertson's remix is the best. He avoids the easy route of just sticking a kick drum underneath and looping a little bit of Bjork's vocal and concentrates on isolating the bass, adding some horns and a dub-dance feel (in keeping with his Lionrock project).

Birthday (Justin Robertson Remix)


C said...

That's such a great, different, interesting, dubby version - never heard before, thanks!

Lyrically I love this song too; have a friend who once created a huge illustration just based on these words, it was fascinating.

Gentle Ben said...

Love this, but the Jim & William Reid version will always be my favourite.

Luca said...

Me and Bjork share the same birthday. I hope she won't mind if I mention that I'm younger..

Anonymous said...

The 1989 UK tour stopped in at the Free Trade Hall. I'm sure that was the gig you attended. I have fond memories of this gig, but you are right...Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week didn't carry the momentum of their debut. Though I would argue it would've made a better 10 song album, rather than the 13/14 song record it was on release.

Anyway, found your excellent blog a few weeks back and enjoying going through your back pages. Great stuff. Keep on, Keepin' on!

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Anonymous. Agree about it being an album that could easily be trimmed back to 10 songs.