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Friday, 14 November 2014


Interlude was a Morrissey and Siouxsie Sioux two-for-the-price-of-one special, released in 1994, and a cover of a 1968 Timi Yuro song. They've both got distinctive voices that work well together and complement each other nicely, Siouxsie rich and deep, Morrissey wobbling and higher, but somehow, somewhere along the way, it doesn't quite catch fire. In his autobiography Morrissey gives Siouxsie a proper slagging off. But then, he gives almost everyone who appears in the book a proper slagging off so it's difficult to know how much to read into it. I've a vague recollection that Siouxsie was uncomplimentary about the whole experience in an interview as well. Morrissey's guitarist and producer of this single Boz Boorer said Siouxsie was 'a complete joy' to work with and according to a well known online encyclopedia the falling out happened after the recording when Morrissey and Siouxsie disagreed about the content of the video- a video which was never shot. One of Morrissey's most recent Best Of compilations has a version of this with only him singing it- a slight at Siouxsie if ever there was one. Despite all of this playground drama, bitchiness and a bit of an air of let down, I quite like the song, every once in a while.

Interlude (Extended Version)


C said...

I do like this... I didn't know about the bitching though! I suppose it makes it all the more interesting although I wanted to think of Siouxsie picking that stray hair from Morrissey's shoulder as he looked back at her coyly while they shared a lentil casserole between takes. Oh well.

drew said...

Never heard this before. Didn't even know they had collaborated. 1994 you say, that will be the reason.

Swiss Adam said...

I think it passed me by at the time too.

londonlee said...

Me too. Amazed I never knew it existed until now

Anonymous said...

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drew said...

a bit harsh anon!

Erik Bartlam said...

He's on your slab now drew...you antagonized him.

I suppose it's inevitable that a combination like this is bound to be disappointing but this one isn't abysmally so.