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Friday, 21 November 2014

Like A Vir...shhh

This Madonna song caused a bit of a stir in the school yards of the mid-80s when it was released- use of the word 'virgin' (snigger snigger). Teenage Fanclub covered it in 1991, quite fantastically, smothered in acres of beautiful distortion with sleepy vocals. When JC posted it a good while back at The Vinyl Villain it gained a takedown notice from the DMCA. When he re-posted it much later, he would not even name the song for fear of attracting the attention of the internet police. Sneaky, unnamed and hush hush. You ain't seen me right.

Like A Secret


C said...

You've just reminded me of being in the second year at secondary school and one of my classmates, a girl who took pleasure in humiliating others, asked a very naive, innocent little first year if she was a virgin - a word that clearly the poor lass being asked didn't understand but knew to be a bit, erm 'rude'. This would explain why she blushed and then blurted out indignantly, "NO! Of course I'm not!"

Anonymous said...

Kids can be awful to each other can't they.

Swiss Adam