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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Like A Remix

On Friday Drew posted the sublime, Balearic remix of Saint Etienne's Speedwell, which got me thinking of other first rate Saint Etienne remixes. I started with the Andrew Weatherall dubiness of Only Love Can Break Your Heart, pretty much as good as anything either party have been involved in. And then thought of this one, which used to get played to death in the flat I shared near Altrincham circa 1993. David Holmes takes Like A Motorway and presses all the acid-techno buttons. Like the best techno it is an intense, exhilarating, machine-led ride, dancefloor hedonism tinged with happy-sad. Sarah Cracknell surfaces once, at around eight minutes, to sing 'he's gone' but then the track shoots off again, spiralling upwards. Dancing music.

Like A Motorway (David Holmes Remix)


drew said...

I'm kinda fond of the Death In Vegas mix of People Get Real and the P.F.M. mix of The Sea

C said...

Coincidentally on Friday a friend sent me a copy of Casino Classics and I've just been listening to it for the first time this morning... then I came here! Great stuff. 'Dancing music' indeed.

Swiss Adam said...

I love those little internet coincidences.