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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Major Tom's A Junkie

No astronaut picture today but the space theme continues in the song- and I thought a picture of Warpaint's foxy bassist Jenny Lee Lindbergh might make a good start to Thursday. Ashes To Ashes was David Bowie's 1980 smash, complete with those lines harking back to Space Oddity and Major Tom floating off in his tincan/opiate haze. Warpaint covered it for a compilation album and did a magnificent, dreamy job.

Ashes To Ashes


mike said...

one of the best covers ever. only beaten by hüsker dü explaining how high 8 miles really are. and bauhaus acting like bowie with ziggy stardust. (making the connection between your last posts)

Erik Bartlam said...

I look forward to hearing this when I get home. It's got to be better than the dreadful cover of Inbetween Days that I'm listening to in this hotel lobby.

I'm in Vicksburg today and there's this old tavern down at the river. I think it goes back before the war...anyway there's all old guns and pictures of cotton bales and river boats on the wall...then on an old cabinet is a copy of Scary Monsters. Just delightfully out of place.

Echorich said...

Great cover of a great song!
Here are 10 Bowie covers I love - no real order
-After All - Billie Ray Martin
-Life On Mars - The Divine Comedy/Neil Hannon
-Stay - Peter Murphy
-Boys Keep Swinging - The Associates
-The London Boys - Marc Almond
-The Secret Life Of Arabia - B.E.F. Feat. Billie Mackenzie
-John, I'm Only Dancing - The Chameleons
-Wild Is The Wind - Billy MacKenzie
-Ziggy Stardust - Bauhaus
-Where Are We Now? - Monmus

Epithet said...

It's a deep song...on many levels

Swiss Adam said...

Comprehensive list Echorich- I love the Associates cover of BKS.