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Friday, 1 May 2015


I posted this song way back, one of my favourite records of the period 1990-91- Cascades (Hypnotone Mix) by Sheer Taft. It came out on Creation and was on the killer Creation dance comp Keeping The Faith. Cascades is an acid house influenced, hypnotic and trippy adventure from the imagination of Glasgow's Sheer Taft. I make no apologies for posting it again- you'll love it, if you don't know it already.

The picture above shows Sheer Taft with Bobby Gillespie at Glasgow Barrowlands in 1991, presumably at Primal Scream's gig there on the Screamadelica tour. The day before yesterday there was a comment left at the Wordpress version of this blog (which is just a back up version really, in case blogger ever pulled the plug on this one which has happened to other bloggers in the past). The comment was left by the man himself, Sheer Taft, in response to another anonymous comment asking if there was an earlier version of this song and how much input Hypnotone had. So Taft has helpfully cleared it up for us.

'The original version was recorded by myself (Sheer Taft) and Andrew Innes from Primal Scream in a flat in the east end of London.
We then recorded further versions of the same track at a studio in Fulham.
Hypnotone ie Tony Martin was involved along with me in remixing the track with a great deal of input by Thrash from the Orb answer a few suggestions from Brian Enough who was working in the same studio in Berwick Street at that time.'
Thanks Sheer Taft. It freaks me out a  little when the people who make the music comment on the blog but it's good too.

Cascades (Hypnotone Mix)

We are going away for the weekend, it being a Bank Holiday. We are camping. In a tent. With a load of other people. In tents. A few weeks ago when the sun was shining and the temperature was nudging 18 to 19 degrees, this looked like a brilliant idea. Now the wind is blowing, the night time temperature is close to zero, rain keeps sweeping in, and there was hail falling from the skies yesterday. It doesn't seem such a brilliant idea anymore. it seems a bit stupid. I'll let you know how we got on when we get back- supposedly on Monday. Have a good weekend.


drew said...

I was at that gig at the Barras. Good night, turned very messy afterwards

Anonymous said...

an interesting and under rated period, the creation dance acts/remixers. i think they got lost in the rush to increase dance tempos at the time, everything else suddenly had to be 'banging'. we used to play the little beauty on the b side, 'cascades' express mix. much more dubby and spacious. a case of less is more. it's got weatherall's st. etienne remix vibe.

Luca said...

Great tune. Enjoy your trip, SA.

Dirk said...

SA, friend of the stars!!

Hope the weather improves on the weekend, mate: enjoy your trip!!

george said...

I've got this! Not played it for a long time, though. Hope the weather's not too shite. It would just be juvenile to say that it's a great day here today.

anto said...

That Creation album was a fuckin classic. I must have worn out Philly by Fluke when I had the record. Was there a better dance tune than Philly. Had one of those near brain cave-ins when heard on New Yrs eve '91 in Sides. Not the better of it for a while after.

Michael Doherty said...

The free Select Creation tape had some bloody genius "dance" tunes on it as well, if I remember correctly?!!

Swiss Adam said...

Anto- Philly is ace, just listened to it today
Michael- think I've got that tape somewhere, must see if I can find it