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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Only Gone Tomorrow

This will probably only be of interest to the most committed of Clash and B.A.D. fans. The clip below is an audio recording  from Liverpool Royal Court in July 1988 of Joe Strummer and Latino Rockabilly War. The quality isn't great, it sounds like an audience member with a Walkman, but it's Joe and band covering Big Audio Dynamite's career highlight V13. Mick and Joe had long since made up and Joe co-produced the album and got co-writing credits on several songs so it's a close to a Clash reunion as there was. In truth B.A.D.'s version is miles better. Nevertheless it's interesting to hear and a shame there isn't a soundboard recording. 


The Swede said...

I saw Joe on this tour at the Electric Ballroom, where he also played BAD's 'Sightsee MC', as well as more recognisably 'Mick' Clash songs, 'Police on My Back' and 'Somebody Got Murdered'. He dedicated at least one of those to Mick, who was very ill at the time. The setlist was a real career overview from 'Keys to Your Heart' to 'Love Kills' and 'Trash City' plus a handful of interesting covers.

Swiss Adam said...

Sounds like a good gig Swede. Trash City is one of Joe's best solo sings. Whih reminds me of that solo compilation post I was meant to be writing