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Saturday, 23 May 2015


After listening to Weatherall's latest radio show for NTS I went backtracking- there was a Weatherall remix of a song called (I thought) Hydro by Gwenno. Actually Chwyldro, Welsh for revolution. Then a hop and a skip and I found the original, released by Gwenno Saunders in 2013. Gwenno is from Cardiff, speaks both Welsh and Cornish, was in The Pipettes and has since made some solo records. This song is like a sunny, optimistic Stereolab, a Welsh speaking St Etienne after a weekend doing motorik drums having forgotten to bring the synths. Gwenno herself claims that this song will change the world, end world poverty and help you find your keys. It will make your Saturday morning a whole lot better.


Singing Bear said...


charity chic said...

She recently featured on Is This The Life on The Robster's Welsh Wednesday slot

Brian said...

I'll tell you the same thing I told the Robster. Thought that first Pipettes album (the UK version, anyway) was very good. So, I had been curious about this record. You chose a different song than what was on Welsh Wednesday. After two songs, I think I'm ready to pony up.