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Friday, 15 May 2015

I Don't Even Know Myself

I was listening to Soul Mining, now (and then I think) seen as one of 1983's most important releases. It is the work of a man in his early twenties and some of the lyrics are a bit overwrought as a result but at least three of the songs are as good as anything else anyone put out that year- This Is The Day, Uncertain Smile and Giant. The lyrics of Giant- and much of Matt Johnson's output- deal with existential angst, long nights of the soul, and he gets it all out in this one. How can anyone know him? He doesn't even know himself. Giant also offers a massive step forward- you can hear the future in Giant, in the pitter-patter of the drums, the big synth bassline, the length of the song, the groove, the mad percussion break down  after five minutes and in the extended chanted vocals.



Anonymous said...

damn straight!!!

george said...

Adam, it's a great album and although of it's time it still sounds great. Great choice